Hiding Book
Integrating the Hiding Book offers limit orders for your dApp with benefits like ROOK Rewards, MEV Protection, and access to the Rook Keeper network.
The Hiding Book offers friendly APIs which allow any developer to integrate the Rook Keeper Network into their front ends.
The Hiding Book is an off-chain orderbook that hosts virtualized orders only fillable by Rook Keepers. Through these Keepers, the Hiding Book provides clients with single-connection access to the entire spectrum of on-chain and off-chain liquidity.

As an order book

Orders on the Hiding Book can cross against other orders on the Hiding Book, or cross against markets across DeFi and CeFi. The unique mechanism of the Rook Protocol ensures that clients and Keepers are working together to maximize profit generation from a trade.

As a relay

The Hiding Book can also act as an order relay, or as a virtual mempool. This allows protocols to relay their orders through the Hiding Book and gain the benefits of MEV resistance and better execution.

Rewards Claims

Integrating a client with the Hiding Book enables the client's users to coordinate with Rook Keepers for the capture of MEV (Miner Extractable Value). This is a win-win because both users and Keepers are working together to maximize profit generation from a trade the user was going to perform anyways. The profits generated are returned back to the user in ROOK tokens.