Keeper Pilot Program
We are running a Pilot Reward Program for Keeperss to drive volume through the protocol.

How it works

During the 6 month Pilot Program, participating Keepers will earn vested ROOK by integrating their searcher bots into the Coordinator and bidding for transactions. During the course of the program, Keepers will compete for a share of a ROOK rewards pool (valued up to $960,000 USD) based on parameters set below. In addition, each Keeper will earn ROOK by meeting integration milestones.

Earning ROOK

Keepers will have the opportunity to earn ROOK two ways. The first is through accomplishing a set of integration milestones. The second is based on ROOK bids successfully accepted through the coordinator. In doing so, Keepers will earn vested ROOK weekly. See Program Terms for vesting details. The purpose of this being a competition and not a handout is to prevent freeloaders and encourage competitive pricing.
  • We will be creating a rewards pool based on the total number of Keepers integrated with the Coordination Game.
  • For each Keeper participating, we will add 100 ROOK or $10,000 USD value in ROOK to the pool per week, depending on ROOK's price being above or below $100.
  • ROOK rewards will be accumulated proportionally to the amount of ROOK bid one Keeper to the total of all Keepers.
  • The formula being used to calculate a Keeper’s ROOK earned through weekly rewards is:
sumThisKeepersRookBids/sumAllKeepersRookBidstotalRewardsAvailablesumThisKeepersRookBids / sumAllKeepersRookBids * totalRewardsAvailable
Calculating Weekly ROOK Rewards Pool Contribution from DAO
We will record ROOK’s USD price at the end of the weekly epoch and use that for the calculation of what is contributed to the weekly ROOK rewards pool. We set a $100 floor price for ROOK rewards earned via the Pilot Program, assuming 4 Keepers are participating, and will be establishing a maximum of 400 ROOK per week to be contributed to the Keeper rewards pool. What this means is that if at the weekly epoch, if ROOK’s price is above $100 we will be adding the original $40,000 in an equivalent amount of ROOK to the pool. If ROOK’s price is below $100, the pool will receive 400 ROOK.
  • There are two Keepers participating in the program.
  • One captures 75% of ROOK bids during the week, the other captures 25%.
  • ROOK's price is $100
  • Keeper1 who captured 75% of bids earns 75% of weekly ROOK rewards, equal to 150 ROOK.
  • Keeper2 who captured 25% of bids earns 25% of weekly ROOK rewards, equal to 50 ROOK.
Market Maker
Rewards Available
Weekly ROOK Bid
Percentage of total weekly ROOK bid
Keeper 1
Keeper 2

How to qualify

Interested keepers can contact Kyle Detz for more information: Email: [email protected] Discord: whatsthedeetz ♜♜♜#0002 Telegram: @whatsthedeetz