What is a Keeper?

The sophisticated strategists that make the Rook Protocol run.
Put simply, a Keeper is a sophisticated, automated bot run by a trading team or individual. They are the finely-tuned F1 racecars of the blockchain. The Rook Protocol is made up of many of these Keepers, who are granted the right to capture MEV and fulfill user transactions within the protocol.
Keepers by their nature are integrated to a wide variety of liquidity sources both on-chain and off-chain. They have a large number of strategies and are able to broadcast and settle transactions on multiple chains and layers.
One way to view the Rook Protocol’s Keeper network is as a kind of living, decentralized settlement infrastructure for the protocol. This infrastructure is constantly evolving as new Keepers join, or as existing Keepers add new capabilities to keep up with the latest strategies and trends.The overall result is a network of automation that always seeks maximum coverage and the most competitive pricing for every kind of transaction.
As the stewards of the protocol, the Rook DAO is able to set policies for Keepers, monitor them, and enforce consequences. One notable member of the Keeper Network is Ninja, the “house Keeper” designed and maintained by Rook Labs.