Rook Protocol

What is the Rook Protocol?

The Rook Protocol allows multiple whitelisted keepers to co-operate with each other and take turns to capture MEV profits. By avoiding competition among the keepers, PGA can be prevented to maximize the profit captured by each keeper. Read More here:​

Does the Rook Protocol eliminate emissions of Rook?

Yes, this will eliminate farming hiding game rewards. The Rook distributed to users and market makers will track hiding game volume by way of their arb opportunities.

What is the irresistible value-add that draws keepers to the coordination game over other opportunities?

Access to the hiding book is the irresistible value-add. Finding opportunities in the wild is difficult. finding opportunities in the hiding book is much easier.

What are the penalties for Keepers acting out of turn?

In order to be able to bid on Hiding Game orders Keepers must stake Rook. If a Keeper acts out of turn then their staked Rook is slashed accordingly. Read more about the Economics of the Coordination Game here:​

Where can I read more about the Greenlight Algorithm?

How much time delay does bidding add to execution?

Few seconds at most.

Will it be possible to lend ROOK to Keepers in exchange for a % of their profits?

There is no line of trust between a keeper and an external Staker. But to make up for that, a % of the ROOK bids going through the system go towards ROOK stakers on the LP.