Market Makers

Why should I use Rook as a Market Maker over [Favorite exchange]?

Plugging into Rook's execution layer gives on-chain market makers a host of unique-in-DeFi benefits:
Reason #1: One-stop access to all the liquidity in DeFi and CeFi
Because our Keepers can access liquidity from virtually anywhere in DeFi and CeFi, plugging into the Rook Protocol is the only integration you'll need to maximize your liquidity coverage. Keepers will find the right liquidity sources, use the most efficient routing, and choose the optimal settlement method, all while paying you in ROOK for the privilege of executing your order.
Reason #2: Comprehensive MEV protection
Through using our grey pool, The Hiding Book, all your trades will be protected from MEV attacks.
Reason #3: Earn Arbitrage Rewards on every trade
Our network allows market makers to get rewarded in ROOK while capturing spreads on every trade. Your orders create arbitrage opportunities for our Keepers, which they’ll share with you.
Reason #4: (Actual) Free Trading
Trades through the Rook Protocol are completely free. You don't pay network fees (gas), nor trade fees or any other premium.
Reason #5: Arbitrage as a service
Arbitraging markets as a market maker is a chore. Using the Rook Protocol, our Keepers will do the arbitraging for you. This is an easy way for market makers to arbitrage against all the top exchanges in DeFi without having to integrate with them yourself.

How can our team Integrate?

Where is your HidingBook API?

More information on how Market Makers benefit can be found here ​
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