Liquidity Providers

I provided liquidity on Rook but don’t see my balance on the webpage, what gives?

You may have been providing liquidity to the old LP contracts at:​

I provided liquidity on Rook but don’t see my balance in my web3 wallet, what gives?

When liquidity is provided from a wallet, that wallet receives ktokens which represent their share of the assets deposited plus profits. You will need to manually add these tokens.
Old kTOKEN contract addresses
kBTC: 0xDcAF89b0937c15eAb969Ea01f57AAacc92A21995
kDAI: 0x0314b6CC36Ea9b48f34a350828Ce98F17B76bC44
kETH: 0xC4c43C78fb32F2c7F8417AF5af3B85f090F1d327
kUSDC: 0xac826952bc30504359a099c3a486d44E97415c77
kWETH: 0xac19815455C2c438af8A8b4623F65f091364be10
New kTOKEN contract addresses
kBTC: 0x77565202D78a6EDA565c7DC737FF1d8E64fd672a
kDAI: 0x8EE17Fa30D63ebD66e02205B1DF2f30D60a5CA30
kETH: 0x179212cb86D0eE6A4dfb2AbB1CF6A09feE0A9525
kUSDC: 0x3045312Fb54f00f43d6607999e387Db58FFb4cF4
kwETH: 0x834CAcd6425fA6c7126b028B3d1E4cda53EB7257

Do I have to pay eth fees for each LP Quarter rewards I want to claim? Or can I pay 1 gas fee to claim all my rewards?

Each is a separate transaction since each rewards category has a separate distributor contract.

How can I withdraw from the legacy app manually?

To withdraw, you want to call the above function #19_withdraw. The first argument should be your wallet address, the second should be the address of the kToken in your wallet, and the third is your balance of the kToken. If metamask shows some crazy gas fee, it means one of those arguments is wrong and the txn will revert. Example: If you need to withdraw 1 kusdc token, the _ktokenamount would be 1,000,000 (no commas) as usdc has 6 decimals. To find the decimals of a kToken you will need to paste their contract address into a block explorer. kAssets have the same decimal value of the token they represent.

When I tried to withdraw from the pool, it said "The withdrawal was canceled"

Please make sure you are using Metamask to interact with our app. We had a few reports from other users that other wallets such as WalletConnect and Rainbow wallet do not work well with the Rook app.