Where can I learn about what Rook can offer Keepers?

How can my team integrate?

Why should I use Rook as a Keeper?

Rook is about capturing the most amount of on-chain arb/liquidation profits in the most gas efficient way. This is achieved in three ways:
The Hiding Game - allowing users to route their liquidity through specialised proxies, whether it is for trading or lending. These proxies automatically extract any profit that can be extracted from arbitrage or liquidation and return those profits back to the user. The result is minimum slippage on trading, and minimal losses on liquidations.
The Coordination Game is introduced to incentivise arbitrageurs and liquidators, collectively known as keepers, to collaborate with each other, instead of fighting gas wars. By playing the game — taking turns, redistributing profit, and discouraging bad actors with tit-for-tat strategies — keepers can earn more profit than if they were to act as an individual. ROOK staking will play an important part in making the game theory here work.
The Incentive Game is introduced to incentivise specific behaviours that are critical to the efficient and effective functioning of Rook. This includes providing liquidity, bootstrapping into the Coordination Game, playing the Hiding Game, and participating in governance. ROOK at the center of it all.
Succinctly, Rook offers the following benefits to solvers: No gas auctions, Maximized profit opportunities, No gas tokens required to trade efficiently, Avoid the mempool front-running battles.

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