Hiding Game

What is the Hiding Game?

The Hiding Game is Rooks' in-house dex. Users only have to pay the approval fee and gas is covered by the keepers. Orders get filled when an arbitrage opportunity presents itself on-chain based on the selected strike price. The minimum value of a transaction has to have a higher MEV value than the gas cost of the transaction to execute.
Users can trade using the Hiding Game by submitting a trade via Rooks' trading app UI, using the Hiding Book API, or by using a partner's integration.

Why should I use Rook as a user over [favorite exchange]

There are several advantages to using the Hiding Game. Users are able to submit limit orders, are rewarded in ROOK tokens for the MEV captured by their order, and do not have to pay gas for their trades. Additionally, limit orders through Rook offer limit order liquidity sourcing from all major DEX protocols. Orders are fillable only by Keepers, meaning, critically, that no gas auctions will occur. This means our Keepers can also fill user orders at safe low and normal gas prices instead of only the fast and next block gas prices users pay on DEX aggregators. This increases the likelihood that the user's order is filled. It also increases the MEV captured for the user, which increases the user's ROOK reward for making the order.

What is the HidingBook?

The Hiding book is an order book that only whitelisted Solvers can execute. Read more information here:​

Why didn’t my Limit order fill?

If your order size is too low (e.g. less than $1000) it might not get executed. Solvers need to generate profit from the order to cover gas fees to process orders. The larger the order, or the more spread you are willing to incur, the more likely your order will be filled immediately.

Why can’t I trade x token?

Tokens need to be whitelisted before being added as a trading pair. Periodically there are open discussions on what new tokens to support. Reach out to us directly at our discord or twitter.

I can see the order expired. What does that mean?

To submit orders the user only needs to sign a tx which does not cost gas. There is only a gas cost to approve token usage (this is needed for any dex). If an order expires then the user will need to sign a new tx. Note: Signing a tx does not lock your funds, you are able to move tokens out of your wallet without restriction. Your hiding game order will only process if you have the required tokens in your wallet at the time of execution.