Where can I read the governance beige paper?


Where can I track/participate in Rook discussions?

Where can I vote?

Where can I keep up with Rook development?

Recaps of Events:​

Who can submit KIPs?

Anyone can submit a KIP. There is a standard format to follow to make KIPs easy to read and review. If you are planning on submitting a KIP, it is recommended to attend at least one Workshop with other community members to gather feedback.

I don’t feel confident in my ability to write a KIP, what should I do?

Firstly, there are no qualifying criteria for the Rook forum, all ideas are valuable in our eyes, no matter how they are presented. With that said, there are public DAO events multiple times a week. The calendar can be found here.

Where can I keep track of all the KIPs that have passed?

Add KIP tracking document here

What is a sophon?

Sophons are expert members of the DAO who review pending KIPs and publish recommendations.

How are sophons selected?

Sophons are initially elected and can be removed by KIP proposal. Becoming a Sophon is a large responsibility and signals that you have the time, attention, and technical understanding to respond to proposals. Because of this, the process of becoming a Sophon should be long and selective.​

I want to help Rook DAO more than just participate in the discord, what should I do?

Make an introductory post in the discord channel #introduce-yourself and we will happily offer you a role depending on the needs of Rook and your abilities
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